• 25 years of experience

    Tailor-made feasibility studies.

  • Great industrial projects

    Paving and structural construction.

  • Quick and efficient service.

    We take care of all the building process.

Our services

We offer a wide variety of options for the paving of any kind of surface. We also cover all kinds of construction projects for the industry as well as for private clients.

Industrial paving

We have laid over 1,000,000 m2 of paving over our years in the business by our team together with high level professionals who together guarantee successful flooring results.


We offer the care and knowledge to be able to conserve the old and give it a new life.

Private and public building projects

We carry out our projects and designs according to your specifications. We take care of the whole building process.

Technical Advisors

Personalised, adapted studies to improve returns and customer productivity. We guarantee our personalised, tailor-made feasibility studies.

There is no reason not to try something new just because it has never been done before.
Antoni Gaudi

Our projects

Our latest projects

Viladecavalls Citizen Advice Bureau

Carpentry, all hidden installations, metal frames, automatic doors, paving, ironwork and painting-decorating. Architect: Mr. Joan Folch i Filella, Viladecavalls Town Hall 2014.
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Repairing industrial flooring in the Knauf factory

An aplication of concrete flooring mixed with epoxy resin in an operative factory. Knauf factory, Vilafranca del Penedés 2015.
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Urban planning of the space between two Abat Blanch Square apartment buildings

Kerb and paving: installations, public lighting, urban and garden and furniture. Architect: Mr. Francesc Sacarés Garcia, Ayuntamiento de Vilafranca 2015.
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Construction of the Civic Centre in Torrelles de Foix

Carpentry, installations, metal frames, roof, paving, ironwork, plasterboard and painting-decorating. Architect: Mr. Salvador Boada Xairó, Torrelles de Foix Town Hall, 2011 (Made by a company which has been taken over).
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Construction of industrial warehouse and concrete paving for Harinera Vilafranquina

Concrete walls and paving for train lines. Total 6,681.32 m2. Santa Margarida i els Monjos 2010 (Made by a company which has been taken over).
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Restoration of the Trinitat Church bell tower

Restoration of the dome built in the 16th century and on the protected building list of Catalonia. Treatment of cracks in the walls and dome. Architect: Mr. Antoni Armengol, Vilafranca Town Hall 2015.
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In most parts of the world, knowledge is an imaginary building.
Helen Keller

About Gregorio HP

Looking to achieve industrial progress and innovation for our customers.


Our experience with industrial paving

Concrete paving, solutions for floors with innovative products and colours. An advisor for the ideal paving. Official company for applying Weber Saint Gobain.

Gregorio Hp is a building company. We offer industrial paving, private and public building projects. Each job is studied and analysed one by one for each customer. Our differentiating factors are our closeness to our customers, our ability to communicate well giving good results and customer satisfaction. We first think of the project to organise and plan the work properly. We then carry out the work within the time scale. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the building trade.

We are careful in our restoration and renovation projects.

Restoration of a historical library, palaces, churches, theatres and different projects for town halls. These are our guarantee of quality. We offer special renovation projects based on customer needs, making them into home spaces. Renovations for re-purposed buildings.


We are responsible. We offer quality materials and finishes. We offer full guarantees and remain available for queries after building projects are finished. Gregorio HP professionals and their colleagues respect ethnic values. The company is committed to the environment and the possible reduction of pollution by using new materials and developing new methods.

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